Fly Now Pay Later

We are the only German travel agency who provides a service called "Fly Now Pay Later". This is the best way to travel when money is short. Our customers can have the money taken out in monthly allotments which allows them to gradually pay off their trip and enjoy it without any financial worries.

We offer very competitive travel arrangements to our Military Customers. If you would like to go on a vacation, but do not have the resources, we are able to finance everything for you: Hotel, Flight, Rental Car, Tour Packages and Cruises. This offer is only valid for active duty or some civilian personnel within the European community. Not valid for reservists, AAFES or NAF employees.

Requested documents

  • Reservation (Please fill out our reservation request form or create your own reservation on our website. Of course you can also visit or call one of our offices.)
  • LES
  • Fly Now Pay later application (Available on our website)
  • 1Sgt Verification Form (Please only print your name on the top, sign and date. We do not need you 1Sgt to fill out the bottom part!) All these documents can be emailed to or faxed to +49(0)621 72 92-555. It takes at least 14 business days to process your paper work.
  • After approval we need all documents in original. If you do not live close to one of our offices we can proceed using the German Post. For questions regarding "Fly now - Pay later" please write to or call one of our offices!
Examples 12 Month Payments:
Puerto Rico
72 $
88 $
Rio De Janeiro
78 $
122 $


  • Repayment plans for almost every budget
  • Low down payment loans, with financing terms to fit almost every budget
  • Quick FNPL - Approval. In some cases, you can receive FNPL-Plan for your travel needs within a few minutes. You can also receive your approval of your FNPL-Application in less than 24 business hours.