Explanation of our Rates

Are you unsure of which rate applies to you?

Here you can find an explanation of each rate and their requirements, so you can determine more easily which rate suits you.


This rate is available to every passenger. We have negotiated special fares for our customers that are cheaper than regular prices. The ABC Special rate is only available at ABC Travel Service.
It is possible to choose multiple rates to increase the possibility of finding the cheapest rate in the market for you.

Military rate (NATO active) Requirements: NATO/military ID CARD

The “Military Active” rate applies to all NATO/Military ID card holders of the following list:
NATO/US Military
NATO/US Military Retirees
NATO/US Military Reservists
NATO/DOD/DOS Civil Employees
Their immediate family can also use this rate if they are traveling with the ID card holder.

Military/NATO Family

The "Military Dependant"-rate applies to the following relatives (spouse, children, grandparents, stepsister, mother, father, brother, stepchildren, sister, mother-in-law, father-in-law, grandparents-in-law) of the below mentioned Military ID-card holders:

  • NATO/US Military
  • NATO/US Military Retirees
  • NATO/US Military Reservists
  • NATO/DOD/DOS Civil Employees

Senior Requirements: Minimum age 65 years

ABC Travel Service grants all passengers at age 65 and up a discount of up to 15% on flights if the country of departure is Germany. The discount applies to selected booking classes.


This rate can be used/booked by young travelers between the ages of 12 and 24 years without any further requirements needed. If you are a student between 25 and 29 years old, you are also entitled to book the rate with a valid international student Identity Card (ISIC).

To select the above mentioned rate, please pay attention to the reference "student" shown in the flight results.

Why doesn’t ABC Travel Service require any evidence of affiliation to the military or other special rate qualifications?

ABC Travel Service does not require proof when booking, as the tickets are mediated. The proof/qualifying paperwork should be submitted on demand at the airport. The transportation contract with respective fare conditions is concluded between passenger and airline. As an agent, ABC Travel Service discloses the fare rules to the passenger. If you are unsure whether your documents are sufficient, we will gladly advise you via your internet@abctravel.de request.