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Due to the worldwide virus COVID - 19, we have created an information page that is updated regularly to keep you up to date.

We have put together the following information for you:

You already know that your trip is not taking place and you would like to know now from our travel experts what options you have in this special situation?

After identification on your part, we will contact you as soon as possible and inform you about all possibilities.

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Due to changes in entry regulations worldwide, the airlines cancelled many l flight connections and routes due to the inefficiency of transporting empty planes.

If you are now affected by a flight plan change / flight plan cancellation, the airlines offer you possible alternatives to your existing flight ticket.

  1. Rebooking your flight ticket

    The airlines offer that you can rebook your existing ticket to another travel date. There are no rebooking fees from the airline. The travel period must therefore be fixed, and a flight route must be available. Please note that the airlines have different time limits.

    Some airlines tariff and tax surcharges must be paid.

    These arise for example due to seasonal changes, route changes, low seating capacity etc.

    The entry requirements of the respective destination must be observed!
  2. Suspend your flight ticket

    Not sure if a change of booking or canellation is possible for your trip? Then you can simply suspend your ticket for a certain period of time (usually up to 2 years depending on the airline). This is completely free of charge for you! Even with fluctuating airfares, you now have a tariff guarantee.

    Save yourself the renewed ticket issuing fees and let your ticket rest until the overall situation has relaxed. You are not instructed to travel to the same airport at the same time of year. You are completely flexible!

    In a nutshell, you can change a spring business trip to Seattle to a summer family vacation to Florida.

  3. Ticket Voucher

    Some airlines offer you to exchange your flight ticket for an e-voucher / e-credit or voucher. ABC Travel Service cannot issue vouchers for all airlines. The airlines prevent this by procedures that the travel agent cannot carry out. If this is the case, we will inform you about it. In order to receive a voucher, you must then contact the relevant airline directly.

  4. Refund your flight ticket

    You can apply for a refund of your flight ticket due to the changed entry requirements. Please note that most airlines do not allow free cancellations even in this exceptional situation. The airline's published terms and conditions apply.

    COVID 19 - Airline conditions

Please note that these special rules only apply if the airline has already changed or cancelled your flights due to COVID-19. Has the airline already changed or cancelled my flight?

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If your trip is already affected, please follow the link below to find out more about the specific options for your trip.

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Have you suspended your ticket a longer time ago? Do you already know your preferred travel dates for rebooking and would like to receive a suitable offer and get to know the costs? Are you unable to travel within the "suspension period" and would like to cancel your ticket now?

Then identify yourself using the following form and receive a suitable rebooking offer or your cancellation conditions.

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Find out here about the travel agencies current travel warnings.

Current travel warnings
Airline conditions

According to the current status, we have compiled your options for the different airlines and listed them for you: Please note that the information may vary as there may be updates by the respective airline at any time.