International Student ID (ISIC)

What is ISIC?

The International Student Identity Card, or so calleds ISIC, is the only officially accredited student ID card in the world.
It has been issued by the non-profit organization ISIC Association since 1968 and has been accredited by UNESCO as the only official international student card since then. Originally it was mainly used to support the cultural exchange of students.
The ISIC Card offers students and pupils a huge number of advantages with over 150,000 discounts in over 130 countries.
The ISIC card is valid for one year, beginning from the date of issue.

What are the advantages of ISIC?

Especially in terms of price the ISIC card offers students and pupils a huge number of advantages with over 150,000 discounts in over 130 countries! You can save a lot of money with special offers & discounts for ISIC cardholders from providers from almost all industries!
Savings on flights, hotels and all travel-related services are a central aspect of ISIC. Over the years, countless offers from other companies have been added to the benefits.
With the categories Travel & Accommodation, Mobility, Technology & Entertainment, Art & Culture, Leisure Activities, Sports & Fitness, Fashion, Living & Household, Eating & Drinking, Education, Cosmetics & Accessories and Services, the card offers you discounts in almost all situations and has become an indispensable companion for a student's everyday life: language courses, public transport, concert tickets, software, clothing, sports and leisure activities or fitness studios - ISIC cardholders benefit daily from exclusive offers and services from well-known partners such as Samsung, Adidas or Flixbus.

Additionally you will receive the first rebooking fee for free if you´ve got an ISIC Card!

What are you waiting for? Save your advantages & discounts!

Who needs a ISIC card?

The ISIC card is for all students and pupils over the age of 12 who are enrolled at a state-approved university, college or school.


Unique costs of € 15 upon application.

You can have your card sent to your home as a manual plastic card or you can always have it available online with the ISIC App as a virtual card.