Flight categories

In Economy Class comfort is reduced to the essentials. You don’t have a lot of space, but you can sit comfortably. The legroom is different with each airline, just like onboard meals. If you book a flight with a low-cost-carrier please keep in mind that you might have to pay for food and drinks, so please inform yourself about their policies.

Premium Economy Classis a flight category between economy and business class with some advantages and special amenities, such as more legroom, a second piece of luggage and so on. The name for Premium Economy Class varies with each airline. Tickets in these booking classes are more expensive than economy class; however, they are subject to the same restrictive fare rules as Economy Class tickets. This relatively new booking class might be especially interesting for business travelers who are only allowed to book Economy Class if the company’s travel policy dictates it. The “Premium-Eco” is only offered by a few online travel portals, such as by ABC Travel Service.

In Business Class you get an adjustable seat that reclines back so you can almost lie down horizontally. Your seat is very comfortable and offers more legroom. In addition to an exclusive meal you’ll get a travel kit (consisting of e.g. socks, sleeping mask, earplugs, toothbrush) to make the flight in this class particularly pleasant.

The First Class is the highest of the cabin classes and offers every comfort including personal care. The food is adjusted to your wishes and is prepared by top chefs. You will sit in comfortable, upholstered seats which convert into a bed with a level surface. In addition, passengers in this class have access to a special lavatory stacked with a selection of high-quality toiletries (varies by airline).

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