Alliances - Airlines

Many airlines work together as an alliance to efficiently expand the route network worldwide. The customer does not have to buy multiple tickets, because within an alliance there are unified rules for luggage regulations, tariff regulations, service and route management.

Within an alliance, there are so-called codeshare flights that allow flights to be operated by another airline but fly under the name of the originally booked airline.

These alliances also have the advantage of allowing customers to join a frequent flyer program and earn miles with all members of the alliance which can be redeemed for flights or rewards.

Star Alliance

Star Alliance

The Star Alliance was founded by Lufthansa and United Airlines in 1997 and has since then been joined by other partners such as Scandinavian Airlines (SAS), British Midland (BMI), Air Canada, Thai Airways, ANA, Air New Zealand, Ansett Australia, Singapore Airlines

One World


The One World alliance was founded in 1999 and is led by British Airways and American Airlines. Other partners include: Cathay Pacific, Qantas, Aer Lingus, Iberia, LAN Chile, Finnair and many others.

Sky team

Sky Team

Consists mainly of Air France and Delta Airlines, whose main business is the hub in New York (JFK), Atlanta (ATL) and Paris (CDG). KLM, Aeromexico, Czech Airlines (CSA) Alitalia and Korean Air.

Air traffic tax

The air traffic tax concerns airlines operating from Germany and is usually paid by the passenger. This tax is not listed separately but included in the total of all taxes and fees. The departure and return flight are both taxed for domestic flights. International flights will be taxed only once. This tax is determined by distance.

Accessibility for people with disabilities

Passengers with disabilities/impairments must inform the airline in advance, especially if the airline has to make arrangements for your transport, such as: Provision of respirator, wheelchairs or transport of your own wheelchair.

Please note that an accompanying person is necessary in the following cases:

  • if the passenger cannot take care of his own evacuation
  • if the passenger cannot communicate with the cabin crew during safety instructions
  • if the passenger cannot / does not understand safety instructions

Therefore, we recommend a personal consultation by our travel consultants in which the nature of your disability and the appropriate arrangements can be discussed.

Airport: Procedure

At least 72 hours before departure:

  • Check if something has changed in your flight schedule
  • How long does the transfer to the airport take, what options are there?
  • To which gate do I have to go?
  • Study the map of the airport.
  • What are the check in closing times?


24 hours before departure: At the airport

  • Check-in machine
  • At the counter (Attention: there may be waiting lines)

At home

  • Online
  • Mobile

Baggage check-in

  • Do weight and baggage dimensions comply with the airline’s rules?
  • Did I pay attention to the safety regulations (see dangerous items)?
  • Can I describe the content in case of a claim?
  • Attach tag with name and (mobile) phone number
  • Check baggage at the baggage machine (with already printed boarding pass) or at the check-in counter
  • Security check

Due to the political situation and the threat of terror, extended security checks have been introduced at most airports in the EU. Arrange enough time! Passengers can be randomly checked (carry-on luggage, traces of explosives, etc.) Entry immigration officials and security officers work with the airlines to try to minimize the impact on comfort for passengers. Entering the USA: TSA (Transportation Security Administration www.tsa.gov) describes in detail, the items not allowed in your luggage.

Transit area

Is there enough time to reach my connecting flight? Minimum Connecting Time (MCT): The connecting times are set by the airlines depending on the size and layout of the airport. They vary between 30 minutes and 2 hours and are automatically calculated for online bookings. What to do if my feeder flight is delayed?

If the minimum connecting time cannot be kept and the passenger misses his connecting flight, due to a delayed feeder flight, the airline must rebook free of charge, provided that all flight segments belong to one ticket. If the tickets are purchased separately and the connecting flights are missed, the passenger is not entitled to free rebooking. Is a stop on my trip possible?

A stopover is an intended stop of at least 24 hours on the itinerary. All shorter stays between connecting flights are called Transit or Transfer. You can schedule a stopover when booking, your ABC Travel Service travel consultant will be happy to help.

If you do not have a (transit) visa for the destination country, you should stay in the designated transit area and follow the instructions. Find out if you are required to have a visa. Attention USA Transit Travelers: You will also need an ESTA Travel Authorization to connect to a destination other than US! Each traveler is examined by immigration (CBP). For some EU citizens (China, Russia) it is possible under certain conditions to leave the airport area for up to 72 hours without a visa and, for example, take a sightseeing tour. An application must be filled out at check-in.


Baggage closing times

Closing times also apply to the baggage claim. To be able to check your baggage, you must be in possession of a boarding pass. You can complete your check-in online, mobile or use a check-in machine to get your boarding pass. Depending on the departure airport, destination and flight class, closing times may vary. Depending on the airline, you can also check your baggage when checking in online at least 48 hours before departure and save valuable time. If you have checked your baggage online and have printed out your boarding pass, you can simply put your baggage in the baggage machine.

You must have registered excess or special baggage ahead (up to 24 hours before the flight). Please inform yourself about the baggage regulations of your airline.

Baggage regulations

The baggage regulations can vary depending on airline and booked rate. Therefore, you should check the airline’s regulations. To avoid overweight costs, we recommend taking a small luggage scale on your trip.

Carry-on baggage

Each passenger is allowed to carry one piece of carry-on baggage, which must comply with the airline’s size and weight rules. Depending on the airline, the usual maximum size is 55 x 40 x 20 cm and a maximum weight is 5 to 10 kg.

Excess baggage

If you exceed the free baggage allowance, it may result in high additional costs. Therefore we recommended to book an extra piece of luggage in advance.

Special baggage

Special baggage such as sports equipment (golf equipment, bicycles, surfing equipment, skis, diving equipment, etc.) must be registered in advance and is chargeable

Dangerous objects

In order to avoid any danger on flights, it is forbidden to carry certain items. If a dangerous item is detected during baggage check, this item will be removed and stored for an estimated value of € 50.00 for a maximum of four weeks. The affected passenger receives a letter about the luggage opening and the removal of an item. The higher-value items can be picked up at the customs baggage collection warehouse or at the lost property office, depending on the departure location of the passenger.
Find out which items in your baggage are allowed or prohibited.

Customs regulations for travelers

Customs regulations apply depending on the country of departure and destination. Restrictions (such as import bans) or tax regulations may apply.
Find out here about customs regulations

Business travel through ABC Travel Service

Key data for business travel from ABC Travel Service:

  • Owner-managed since 1987, independent and fully licensed travel agency for individual
  • Travel, flights and experienced in services for business travel
  • Licensed IATA agency, ticket wholesaler
  • Ticketgroßhändler
  • 5 travel agency branches in Mannheim, Kaiserslautern, Ramstein and Vilseck, as well as one office in the US
  • Exclusively multilingual travel agents
  • Online booking engine since 2003
  • Specialized in small and medium-sized companies

Our Services:
We support your business through expert consultation, our lean workflow and tax knowledge, while taking your internal guidelines to account. We can offer you the following services:

  • Flights
  • Train travel
  • Rental car
  • Hotel reservations
  • Conferences, incentive and group travel
  • Statistical evaluations
  • Travel information and travel documents
  • Other services, such as: obtaining visas, travel insurance, tickets worldwide, arrangement of private holidays
  • Arrangement of personal travel
  • Processing travel orders with cost optimization
  • Creation of company / traveler profiles

Are you interested in a cooperation? Please contact internet@abctravel.de

Baggage allowance

Depending on the airline, fare and route, the allowed amount of free baggage varies. Please check the airline's website for rules on baggage allowance. Usually one piece of luggage (23 kg) is included on flights to the US. Please find the details in your flight plan on our Website under ‘My booking’.

Carry-on baggage:

In general, one piece of carry-on baggage is permitted. It has to be put underneath the seat or the overhead compartment. Each airline has different specifications of dimensions and weight. Therefore, please read the airline’s regulations in advance.

Excess baggage

If you need excess luggage, it must be requested and reserved in advance. All airlines have their own system for calculating the cost for excess baggage.

Blacklist of the airlines

The Black List (https://ec.europa.eu/transport/modes/air/safety/air-ban_en) names the air carriers that have been subject to an operating ban in the EU. Efficient air safety standards in Europe are one of the highest in the world. While the European Union and its Member States are working with other authorities of other countries to improve safety standards worldwide, there are still some airlines operating under conditions below the required level of safety. Of course, these airlines are not offered by ABC Travel Service and not sold. to Black List

Boarding Pass

After presenting you passport/ID at the airline's check-in desk, you will be provided with your boarding pass. It is possible to use online check-in for many airlines, in which the boarding pass is created electronically and must be printed out. Online check-in helps to avoid long queues. Further information Check-in and luggage

Booking: Flight

Behind the so-called booking or reservation is the PNR (Passenger Name Record) in which all data of the flight booking is stored. This following data is stored under a 6-digit booking code:

Following details will be saved:

  • Flight data with flight number
  • Route
  • Date
  • booking class
  • airline status and booking code
  • surname, first name, gender, date of birth
  • contact details of the customer and the travel agency
  • Ticket information
  • Remarks (internal remarks)
  • If booked / reserved: seat reservation, frequent flyer number
  • Further information for the airline, such as associated with another booking
  • Special requests: e.g. Wheelchair service, special luggage etc.
  • APIS data ("Advanced Passenger Information System")
  • Payment Information
  • History: Chronological history of almost all entries and changes (including date and time)

Booking classes

Airplanes from scheduled airlines are divided into three cabin classes: Economy Class, Business Class and First Class. Each individual cabin class is divided into several booking classes, e.g. Economy Class has up to 20 booking classes. Each booking class has its own price, rate conditions and is only available in a limited amount . As a rule, the quotas of the cheapest tickets are sold the fastest. Therefore if you buy a flight close to the departure date, the prices will be higher.

The Premium Economy class is not a separate cabin class. It is an intermediate category in which the conditions of economy class apply, but the customer can enjoy seats with more legroom.

Many low-cost carriers and charter airlines, have a simple rate structure in which there is only the economy class. As a result, discounted prices are possible, but there is a lower quality of service than for scheduled airlines.


Change fee

Rebooking your flight will incur costs consisting of a fixed fee, our service fee and, if applicable, an extra charge for the booking class not being available on the requested date.

In addition to the costs of the rebooking by the airlines, ABC Travel Service charges a service fee of € 60.00 per ticket for the rebooking and transcription of the tickets.

Name changes

Since the ticket is personal, it cannot be transferred to another person. If the passenger cannot fly on the booked date, it must be rebooked or even canceled altogether. If the customer mispells their name during booking, it may be changed against a fee.

Will the tax be refunded in case of cancellation?

If the ticket is canceled before the departure flight, airport taxes and fees may be refunded. For non-refundable tickets, the cancellation fee is 100%.

Can I cancel the return flight?

If you do not want to use the return flight (within a ticket), it will automatically expire. A refund is not possible. If you do not use one flight segment of your ticket, all subsequent segments will expire (including the return flight). All routes must be flown in the correct order as they were booked.

Connecting flights

If you have a connecting flight, a stopover takes place, in which the aircraft is changed for the onward flight. This will change the flight number. This "change" can result in the baggage having to be picked up and checked in again.

Cancellation and Refund

It is only possible to change or cancel the ticket, if the rate allows it. There are different rules for each rate regarding the validity, deadlines, rebooking and cancellation. The conditions for especially cheap tickets are very inflexible and there may be a cancellation fee of 100%. As soon as the ticket is issued, a cancellation is only possible against a fee. The time of departure is insignificant concerning cancellation costs. Usually, the taxes and fees can be refunded, however, the airline keeps the fuel surcharge. This means only a small amount will be left to be refunded.

Cancellation of your booking

ABC Travel Service reserves the right to charge a processing fee of € 60 per ticket. We will gladly inform you of the cancellation fees, just tell us your booking code and we can check.

Furthermore, many airlines are not allowed to refund American taxes on their tickets. The processing fee will be deducted from the amount credited to you after cancellation. For bookings where the fare and the service fee are deducted from your credit card in two steps, we also deduct the cancellation fee separately as it is an item that we charge you, not the airline.

A cancellation of the tickets after departure, a so-called "no show" is usually more expensive than a cancellation before departure. If you would like to cancel your ticket within 24 hours before departure, please contact us by phone. We recommend to take out travel cancellation insurance. Decisive for the amount of the cancellation fees is the time of receipt of the cancellation. The terms and conditions of ABC Travel Service apply.

We recommend to take out Travel cancellation insurance.

Why does ABC Travel Service charge an additional fee for cancellations?

A cancellation causes additional work. In order for your booking to be canceled we have to forward a request for reimbursement to the ticket issuer. We have to take care of your refund and record the whole process in our accounting system. Checking the cancellation beforehand and all related tasks, causes costs for ABC Travel Service that are covered by our cancellation service fee.

When will I get my money back after cancellation?

In cases where your ticket has to be released for reimbursement by the airline, repayment may take between 6 to 8 weeks. Here too, in exceptional situations (strike, blockage of airspaces, etc.), even longer processing times may occur, to which we have no further influence after passing on the ticket to the airline. A submission of tickets to the airline is usually necessary in case of: cancellation due to changes in time, tickets that have already been rebooked, tickets that are canceled due to a special regulation (travel warnings, blocking of airspaces, strikes).

Why do I have a credit note from the airline on my credit card and an additional charge from ABC Travel Service after cancellation?

If the airline directly charged your credit card for the payment of your ticket, the credit note has to be made on the same card. This is an obligation that we have as a travel agency. A credit note of the refund after deduction of the airline’s cancellation fee will be transferred to your credit card. We charge a service fee for handling your cancellation which will be charged separately (in this case). Therefore, you will first receive a credit note from the airline on your card, but then will be charged a service fee by ABC Travel Service. Both amounts cannot be offset due to the fact that you booked through two different companies, accordingly it has to be handled separately.

Check schedule of return flight

The passenger is obligated to check his return flight 72 hours before departure. Log in to the airline’s website or under ‘My booking’ to check your flight schedule for changes.


Age Limitations

The age limits set by IATA are: babies under 2 years, children under 12 years, adolescents under 18 years, adults over 12 years.

Traveling with a baby

Babies do not get their own seat and have to be kept in the lap of the adult. If available, a baby basket (Bassinet) can also be taken on board. There are bassinets on board which have to be booked 72h in advance, as there are special seats for mothers with babies. Should you prefer a seat for your baby, you will have to pay the full children's price for that seat.

Book a ticket for your baby afterwards

Babies can only be added later upon request to the airline. Usually the price is calculated as follows: 10% of the adult price and possibly taxes and fees.

Discount for children

Most airlines offer a discount for children under the age of 12. Every airline has their own method of calculating prices for children.

Children will get a discount up to 25% of the adult fare. Infant without a seat pay 10% of the adult fare plus taxes and fees. In other cases the airline does not charge anything for the flight but only taxes and fees. Depending on the airline, the cost of a child ticket varies because there is no standardized calculation system.

Charter airlines

Charter airlines only fly to popular holiday destinations, but are not bound to exact routes or destinations. There is no fixed fare pricing obligation for charter flights and therefore these can be offered very favorable. Another advantage for the customer is the good air connections. Similar to low-cost airlines, the customer saves on the price, but must also expect a lower quality in service . For charter airlines there is no obligation to transport.


Depending on airline and destination there are different closing times of the check-in desk. Please check the closing times on the airline’s website. Since there are often long queues, you should plan ahead and arrive earlier at the airport to check in. If you are too late to check-in, you will be put on no-show and the flight and connecting flights will be canceled.

60 minutes (1 hour) - Within Germany
90 minutes (1.5 hours) - flights in Europe
180 minutes (3 hours) - Intercontinental flights

Before the exit (gate) is closed, you should allow enough time to drop off your baggage, go through security check, carry-on and passport control. This time, called Last Boarding Time, is always indicated on your boarding pass, so you can plan your stay at the airport better. Please note that some travel destinations (USA, Israel) require longer security check. Please refer to the respective airline for closing times (boarding times). Please remember to check for schedule changes for all connecting flights at least 72 hours before departure.

Check-in machines

You may need a credit card or a frequent flyer card for identification, depending on the airline. However, you can also use your name and booking number to print out your boarding pass. You can also reserve a seat for the flight and specify the amount of baggage. The machine prints the boarding pass, which allows you to leave your luggage at a special baggage drop-off counter. Some check-in machines also print a luggage label that you have to attach to your luggage and take it to the baggage counter. If available, you can also put it on the integrated baggage conveyor belt. Your biggest advantage, you can save time and do not have to wait in line.

Codeshare flight

Within an airline cooperation or alliance there are so-called codeshare flights. Codeshare flights are operated by another airline but fly under the name of the booked airline. Therefore, it is possible that a flight was booked with only one airline, but that some segments are executed by one of the partners and with a different flight number. Codeshare flights usually have a 4-digit flight number. If the flight connection is carried out by the airline itself ("on-line connection") they usually have a 3-digit flight number. With codeshare flights, special requests can often not be made or have to be made separately for each segment since airlines use different reservation systems.

Credit miles

Please provide your frequent flyer number during the reservation process. For some special rates, it may not be possible to collect miles (points). Just to make sure, please check during your online check-in that your frequent flyer number has been accepted.

You did not enter your frequent flyer number while booking? Contact us via "My booking".

Credit Cards


With your credit card, you can pay us easily.
If you would like to pay a pedining payment via creditcard, please click here.

  • We accept payments with the following credit cardsMastercard, Visa, American Express.
  • We allow the payment with the above mentioned credit cards issued in following countries:

Country Name / National language Code
Belgium België/Belgique/Belgien BE
Denmark Danmark DK
Germany Deutschland DE
Finland Suomi/Finland FI
France France FR
Greece Ελλάδα, Ελλάς GR
Ireland Éire/Ireland IE
Iceland Iceland IS
Italy Italia IT
Canada Canada CA
Netherlands Nederland NL
Norway Norge NO
Austria Österreich AT
Sweden Sverige SE
Switzerland Schweiz CH
Spain España ES
United Kingdom United Kingdom GB

If you want to pay by debit card, you will be asked to enter your card number, expiration date, and check digit.
Please note that debit cards are only available in selected countries. Before booking, talk to your card issuing bank.

The difference between credit card and debit card is that with debit cards, the amount of the payment is debited directly from the relevant current account within 3-4 days. Payments are only possible if there is sufficient funds in your account. With credit cards, the money is advanced by the bank and all credit card payment amounts are collected and will be debitded at fixed times (usually at the end of the month).

Credit card fees

In order to present credit card fees in a comprehensible and transparent way for our customers, ABC Travel Service is introducing a card-related calculation model with immediate effect.

These fees are introduced based on the EU regulation „Payment Service Directive II (PSD2). The regulation prohibits the charging of fees for private credit cards issued in Europe. This is not valid for American Express cards, a fee is due here.

This means that a different fee is charged for each credit card provider. Customers benefit from a low cost structure by using private credit cards.

ABC Travel Service charges a transaction fee for all credit or debit cards that have been issued outside of Europe. For credit or debit cards issued within the European zone, a fee is charged as follows.

ABC Travel Service also differentiates between private credit cards and company credit cards.

Visa Mastercard EU Non EU
Consumer Card 0% 2%
Corporate Card 2% 2,6%
American Express 1,6% 1,6%

How is the Fee calculated?
By entering your debit / credit card number, we will identify the issuing country of your credit card, which category (private / corporate credit card) you have and check the cardholder address.

Reason for credit card fees:
The use of credit cards is associated with various advantages for many people, depending on the card product.

Some of the advantages are:
The use of credit cards is associated with various advantages for many people, depending on the card product.

Reason for credit card fees:
Automated billing processes, extended payment terms (usually 30 days), the exact allocation of travel costs or the receipt of insurance benefits.

For ABC Travel Service, payments with credit cards result in increasing additional costs (desagio). For this reason, the introduction of credit card fees establishes a balance between the service recipient (customer) and payee (ABC Travel).

PCI DSS certification

ABC Travel Service and USD AG complete security for credit card payments. All customer information is forwarded in encrypted fields directly to the bank, so no employee of the participating companies has access to this data. Your personal data will be sent exclusively to the credit card companies. This is a legal requirement.

The Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) ensures the security of credit card data. The PCI-DSS standard is mandatory by all companies accepting credit card payments according to the regulations of the credit card organizations.
It contains binding rules for the protection of credit card data against misuse and applies to all companies processing such data or accepting credit cards.

In order to become compliant with PCI-DSS and to comply with the above-mentioned PCI standard,12 criteria must be met and the corresponding evidence must be provided.


  1. Installation and maintenance of a firewall configuration for data protection.
  2. Pre-set and delivered system passwords of the dealers and other security parameters should not be used.
  3. The stored cardholder data must be protected.
  4. Cardholder data and other sensitive information may only be transmitted in encrypted form over public networks.
  5. Anti-virus programs must be used and regularly updated.
  6. Applications and systems must be safely developed and maintained.
  7. Access to the cardholder data must be restricted according to the need-to-know principle.
  8. All persons with computer access must be assigned unique user IDs.
  9. Physical access to cardholder data must be restricted.
  10. Comprehensive tracking and monitoring of all access to cardholder data and network resources.
  11. The security of systems and their processes must be regularly reviewed.
  12. The information security policy must be adhered to and maintained.

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63263 Neu-Isenburg
Telephone: +49 6102 8631-0
Telefax: +49 6102 8631-88

Alternatively: Payment at ABC Travel Service with no extra cost
Instant-payment by Online-Sofort-bank transfer (same day) , SEPA-bank transfer(1-2days), cash, Maestro-Card

More security for your online purchase!

Since September 14, 2020, a new security standard, (3D Secure procedure) for credit card payments on the Internet has come into force. According to the second EU payment guideline (PSD2), credit card holders of European cards must authenticate themselves from 01.01.2021 before payment. The aim is to protect consumers from card misuse. With this procedure you confirm electronic payments with a password, a TAN or a fingerprint before a transaction takes place.

After entering the required credit card details, additional details are requested to verify the cardholder. These dates are encrypted and can only be read by your bank.
This means maximum security for you and safe shopping on the Internet!

The decisive factor here is the procedure chosen by you, which you have agreed with the bank in advance. The following methods to authentify your payment are available:

TAN procedure

With the TAN procedure, you will receive a transaction number via app on a device that you have specified. By entering the TAN, the payment is released and authorized by your bank. Please note that authorization will only take place after all credit card details have been entered.

PIN procedure

With the PIN procedure, you can authorize yourself through a predetermined or bank-provided PIN. In comparision to the TAN procedure no additional device is necessary. Once your authorization has been successful, we will immediately receive a notification from your bank.

Biometric method

The biometric process works similarly to the TAN process. The credit card holder identifies himself with his fingerprint or face recognition (Face ID) on his device.
Please have the appropriate device ready for this.

Error with authorization

Please note that your authorization may fail for several reasons:
  • Your PIN / TAN or biometric identification was incorrect
  • We do not receive any feedback from your bank
  • The processing time of the authorization has been exceeded

Even if your authorization has been successfully confirmed by your bank, your payment may be rejected for the following reasons:
  • Your credit card is not activated for transactions to Germany
  • Your credit card is not sufficiently funded
  • Your limit for credit card payments has been exceeded (maximum monthly amount for payments with the credit card, which was specified with the bank when applying for a credit card)
  • Your credit card is not approved for e-commerce (electronic payments)
  • there were technical issues with the data transfer

After a successful transaction and authorization, you will receive a confirmation email from us. Please note that we will also inform you of failed transactions by email. In the above-mentioned cases, please contact your bank in order to correct the error before trying again via the payment link.

Your reservation with ABC-Travel Service will be held for 24 hours even if the transaction failed. If we have not received any feedback from you after the deadline, we will cancel your reservation for a fee.


Direct flight

If you book a direct flight, there is always the possibility of a stopover. In this case the flight number does not change for the departure. The reasons for stopover can be that more passengers board, stops for refueling or other technical reasons. However, if you are asked to leave the plane you will not have to go through check in again. Only a non-stop flight will fly to your destination without any stop.


Entry requirements

Depending on the country of departure, destination and nationality of the passengers, a visa may be required for entry. Furthermore, the passenger’s passport has to have a certain validity beyond the return date.

Each passenger is responsible for having the necessary visa and entry documents at hand.

Entry regulation USA


Travelers with citizenship in one of the following countries can enter the USA simply by applying for an ESTA. This is possible because these countries participate in the Visa Waiver Program (VWP):

Andorra, Australia, Austria, Belgium, Brunei, Chile, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Iceland, Ireland, Italy, Japan, Latvia, Liechtenstein, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Monaco, Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Portugal, San Marino, Singapore, Slovakia, Slovenia, South Korea, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Taiwan, United Kingdom


Since 2009, every passenger (including children) who is not in possession of an American passport or a valid visa, must apply for an electronic travel authorization / ESTA online in order to be allowed entry into the United States. You can submit a maximum of 50 requests per payment. The people in a group do not have to travel together. There is a charge of US $ 14 per application that must be paid with a Credit Card Please also have your passport ready when you apply for the Travel Authorization. The application can be made at any time prior to your arrival, however, not later than 72 hours before departure. If they are not revoked, travel authorizations are valid up to two years from the date of issue of the approval, or until your passport expires, whichever comes first.

You can apply for the ESTA travel authorization here.

Electronic Passport (EPASS)

Besides having a valid ESTA, travelers from one of the Visa Waiver Program countries need an electronic Passport (ePass) to enter the USA. From the 01.04.2016 on, it won’t be possible to enter the US with a regular Passport. The ePass has all your biometric data, like fingerprints, digital Photograph and your personal date, stored on a chip. The requirement for entering the USA is that every passport issued after 26.10.2006 must have a chip. The data stored on this chip can vary depending on the issuing country and date. Depending on the Visa Waiver Program participating country (see above), your ePass has to be valid for at least 6 month. The ePass for German travelers has to be valid until the end of the travel (arrival in country of origin). Please inform yourself about the validity requirements of your country by visiting the website of the US-Embassy.

Exceptions for Passports without a chip:
The following passports without chip can still be used for your travels and for applying for an ESTA:
A: Your passport was issued before October, 26 2006 and has a machine readable zone. OR
B: Your passport was issued between October, 26 2005 and October, 25 2006 and has a digital photograph

If your passport does not have a chip and was issued after October, 26 2006, you cannot use an ESTA but have to apply for a Visa for your stay!

Special conditions where US Visa is needed

There are new regulations for travelers with dual citizenship, with one part in Iraq, Iran, Syria or Sudan. These countries are excluded from the Visa Waiver program and therefore travelers with dual citizenship in one of these countries have to apply for a Visa to enter to the USA.

Also all travelers who have been to Iraq, Iran, Syria or Sudan after 01.03.2011 have to apply for a Visa.(Excluded from this regulation are: full-time employees of the German Government/Armed Forces members.)Approved ESTA applications are no longer valid for the before mentioned travelers. For further information, please go to http://www.usembassy.gov/

If your citizenship is in a country not participating in the Visa Waiver Program, you have to apply for a Visa. Please visit the Website of the US embassy and find out if you need to apply for a Visa. There are different Visa categories: Immigrant and Nonimmigrant Visa. There are further distinctions for Nonimmigrant Visa, e.g. Tourism, Vacation, Pleasure Visitor; Business Visitor; Temporary Employment, etc. For further information please visit the website of the US embassy and of the ‘Department of Homeland Security”.


By law of the "Department of Homeland Security" all airlines are obliged to register personal data of their passengers and to convey them to the US authorities (Advance Passenger Information System, short APIS). We ask you to fill out the APIS entry form for every traveler and to give it to the ground personnel before departure. Your information will be kept confidential and is not used for commercial purposes. APIS Form (PDF)


Fuel surcharge (Taxbox code: YQ, YR)

The fuel surcharge depends on the current kerosene prices and is determined by the airline. The airline considers the fuel surcharge to be a part of the fare, but is included as a surcharge in the taxes. Tickets where cancellation is not permitted, these taxes will not be refunded.


Feeder flights always fly to a hub of the airline. From there they start onward or long-haul flights. The connection can only be guaranteed if all flight segments were booked at the same time (on the same ticket). The airline is not responsible for delays, missed flights and cancellations for separately booked flights; even if these take into account minimum connecting times.

Flight classes

Economy Class

In Economy Class, comfort is reduced to the essentials. Legroom varies from airline to airline, as well as the food on board. On board of low-cost airlines, food and drink must be paid in full, so it is best to get information about meals and their cost before booking.

Premium Economy Class

In Premium Economy Class, the passenger gets a seat with more leg room, but sits in a special designated row in Economy Class. The Premium Economy Class is only a subcategory of Economy Class and does not have its own cabin class. The fare rules as well as the service are the same in Premium Economy as in the regular Economy Class.

Business Class

In Business Class you get to enjoy more legroom and you can adjust your comfortable seat in different positions, to almost horizontal. In addition to an exclusive meal you will receive travel toiletries (e.g., consisting of socks, sleeping mask, ear plugs, toothbrush, etc.) to make your flight particularly pleasant.

First Class

The First Class is the highest of flight classes and offers every comfort and especially attentive service personnel. The food is prepared by top chefs, following your wishes. You get to enjoy especially comfortable seating. You can convert your seat into a bed with a flat lying surface. First Class passengers are offered a special selection of quality toiletries and can use a lavatory accessible to First Class Passengers only.

Flight pricing

The fare consists of the flight, airport taxes and fees, and the service fee of the travel agency. In addition to the availability, the following factors play a role in the calculation of the fare:

Booking Class

The cabin class Economy is divided into several booking classes, which have different prices (fares). The quotas are limited and closer to the travel date; less favorable fares will be available.


Apart from the official fares, there are also specially negotiated special rates which are only sold by Ticket sellers like travel agencies. Each agency has different special rates and also a varying amount of service fees.

Internet booking engine

Many travel agencies have an IBE (Internet Booking Engine) on their website. It is able to search for fares in real time and check their availability. You will get a list of results from which you can choose your desired flight.

Booking system

There are several reservation systems for the travel industry, each with their own contracts with the airlines. Therefore, it is possible that different availabilities and prices will be displayed for the same route.


Each destination has its own travel season. Prices are the most expensive in high season.

Taxes and Fees

Taxes and fees are influenced by the economic situation and mainly consist of fuel charges. The fare often consists of at least half of taxes and fees.

Airport taxes and fees

The airport taxes and fees charged by the airlines consist primarily of fuel charges, airport tax, security fees and state taxes (e.g. air traffic tax). For unused tickets, airport taxes and fees are refundable if cancellation of the ticket is possible.

Flight number

A flight number consists of 2 letters and numbers and is assigned to a specific scheduled flight, a particular airplane and a specific time.

Flight Radar

Flightradar24.com's  flight radar lets you track flight status, flight numbers and planes in real time. You can see where delays occur and can access current flight information via Twitter.

Flight Status

Check the current flight status on FlightStats.com using the flight number, route or airport. With this tool, you can easily determine if the arrival times have changed.


Group bookings

Group booking is when a group of at least 6 people is booked. For us these groups mostly consist of members of the military, clubs and companies.

You have the following advantages when booking group travel with ABC Travel Service:

  • Complete arrangement and support.
  • Special rates for flights for groups, clubs, companies, non-profit organizations.
  • Special rates for hotels, cruises, train or bus travel for groups.
  • Wide range of flight combinations, hotels and package travel.
  • Great variety of activities and excursions can be booked in addition.

We are happy to prepare an offer for your group. Hotline +49 62172920 E-Mail: internet@abctravel.de


Handling fees

ABC Travel Service handling fees

Service Service fee
Advice and non-binding offer free of charge free of charge
Issuing fees for electronic EUR 60.00 per person. *
Rebooking after ticket issue EUR 60.00 per person. *
Cancellation after the ticket has been issued EUR 60.00 per person. *
Processing of schedule changes free of charge
Cancellation online booking before ticket issue (Transaction Fee) EUR 23,00
Register services
  • Animals, children escort service, etc.
EUR 30,00
  • Free seats, meal requests, wheelchair, etc.
free of charge
Name corrections EUR 60.00 per person. *

*plus A possible airline fee

Health information

If you cannot find any travel information in your log-in area, please ask our travel agents for help: Hotline +49 621 72920 E-Mail: internet@abctravel.de

First-aid kit

It is recommended to take a first aid kit with you when traveling. Please remember to pack your prescription medication. Not all medication can be imported in other countries. Please get information on the import regulations for medication. Of course, you must also take your personal medication with you. You might require a certificate from your doctor to travel with prescription medication, like pain killers or narcotics. It is beneficial to bring a document with your blood group (blood donor pass), so medical professionals can work faster and more reliable in case of an emergency.

Traveling with allergies

Are you allergic to certain foods and would like to inform locals during your vacation? The European Consumer Center (Europäisches Verbraucher Zentrum) has published an allergy dictionary in 21 languages that will help you communicate your food related needs while traveling.

What helps against jetlag?

  • Sleep earlier: If you fly to the east you should go to sleep around 1-2 hours earlier for a few days before your departure flight.
  • Go outside: The brightness of the sun lowers the melatonin level, which is responsible for the tiredness.
  • Keep moving: Light exercise and use relaxation techniques.
  • Eat properly: Protein-rich foods keep you alert. Carbohydrates should be eaten for dinner because they cause tiredness.
  • Additional advice: Avoid using sleeping pills as much as possible and alcohol during the flight.

On average, the adjustment will take one day for each hour of time shift.

Health and vaccination

Please find out if vaccinations are required for your travel destination. If necessary, get information about malaria prevention. The duration of your trip is irrelevant to vaccination requirements.

Hygiene Rules: Here is the rule of thumb "Peel it, cook it, or leave it". If the drinking water quality is not sufficient, drink from packaged water bottles with an intact screw cap. Beware of ice cubes in drinks.

Diarrheal diseases: Most infectious germs are ingested through food or drinks. Please try to only eat clean foods to minimize the risk of diarrheal diseases caused by infectious agents.



There are many different ways to insure your trip. In addition to a travel health insurance, which helps you in case of illness abroad and the associated costs, you can take out an exclusive travel cancellation insurance from HanseMerkur at ABC Travel Service.

ABC-Travel Shield

  • Refund of change fees up to 14 days before departure without specifying an insured reason
  • Refund of cancellation fees and travel cost for delayed arrival or no show due to, an accident or other insured reasons
More details

ABC-Travel Shield Plus

  • Full ABC- Travel Shield protection scope
  • Refund for unused travel services, additional return travel costs, and hotel costs for late returns or premature termination of your trip in the case of an insured reason
More details

Further insurances

Baggage insurance Insurance for cruises worldwide, Last minute insurance Insurance for car, train and bus travel, group insurance

Book insurance now


You will receive a booking confirmation by e-mail after we have completed your booking.


You can view your current flight schedule online under ‘My booking’ at any time. Depending on which reservation system (GDS) was used for your booking, determine on which website you can check your flight plan:


You are required to check your flight schedule no later than 72 hours before departure.


IATA (International Air Transport Association) was founded in 1945 with the purpose of establish general standards of airlines. This organization initializes aviation rights, helps airline cooperations and supervises of IATA agencies. Tickets for airlines (IATA airlines) can only be issued by IATA-licensed travel agencies.

Further tasks of IATA are:

  • Settlement of billing between airlines and IATA travel agents through BSP
  • Settlement of billing between the airlines through Clearing House
  • Platform for cooperation of airlines
  • Safety and regularity of economic air transport
  • Pricing Institution
  • Organizer of a single communication platform (GDS)
  • Advocacy for airline security, check-in, air traffic regulations
  • Legal Committee
  • Environmental Protection




Low Cost Carrier


Low-cost carriers mostly fly from regional, remote airports. As a result, operating costs are lower. They are also cutting cost by restricting themselves to only the direct sale of tickets. Low-cost carriers usually have no free baggage allowance. Everything causes additional costs, like baggage, food, entertainment, check-in, seat reservations, toilets etc.The offered flights are very cheap but can usually only be paid with credit card.


Ticket prices are low and the flights are often direct flights. The pricing of the fares is simple and easy to understand.


Unfortunately, many additional costs may apply (such as for luggage, seat reservation, etc.). These airlines have no obligation to carry out their flights. Changes in the flight schedule, as well as delays and cancellations are a common occurrence. The service is often unsatisfactory and the customer service is difficult to reach. In addition, their headquarters are often abroad.


Minimum Connecting Time

The minimum connecting time indicates how much time a passenger needs to change to a connecting flight and is determined by airports and airlines. Normally the time is generously calculated by the airlines, so that the passenger can easily change to the connecting flight.

If the feeder flight is delayed and the passenger unable to reach the connecting flight in time, the airline is obligated to rebook the passenger free of charge.

If the flight tickets are purchased separately, the booking will be charged.

Multi-stop flight

Multi-stop flight means that there are several stops on route to the final destination (at least 24 hours).


Name change

See e-ticket

Nonstop flight

A nonstop flight has no stops between the departure and the arrival airport.


A "Noshow" is a passenger who does not show up for his flight or appears late after closing of the check-in counter.

As soon as a passenger has been noted as a "Noshow" by the airline, all subsequent flight routes of the ticket expire. For some airlines this "noshow ticket" can be rebooked for a fee if the fare allows it.


Online booking

Price advantage

When booking online the customer can benefit from price advantages, because the travel agency can save on staff costs.

Advantages and disadvantages

An online booking is usually faster than a travel agent, because the booking engine can search and list all offers within seconds. Convenience and price are advantages of booking travel services yourself online. In a travel agency the customer gets looked after by a travel expert who can find the cheapest deals for every single flight connection and combine them after the customer’s wishes. Furthermore, they can offer personal advice, support and can answer all questions about the flight and the travel arrangement.


If you book online, you are responsible to enter all data correctly; the contract is concluded as soon as you click ‚Book now’ . The correction of typing errors causes additional costs. The customer looses valuable time because they have to check prices and availability themselves. Through connection errors a booking can also fail. Your booking is only completed and legally binding after you have received your e-ticket.


An online booking, as well as a booking in the travel agency have advantages and disadvantages. You should only consider booking online yourself if you do not need advice and are familiar with the internet. Should it be a very complex travel arrangement, it is better to seek advice from a travel agency.

Open Jaw

If you book an Open Jaw flight, it means that your return flight does not necessarily has to go to the same airpot as your departure flight. An open jaw flight consists of several flight routes, combined flexibly instead of a regular round trip.

Online Check-in

ABC Travel Service recommends checking in online 24 hours before departure. Your advantage is that you already have your boarding pass in hand when you check your baggage at the airport.

For your online check-in you need your passport and your e-ticket number (also called etix or TKT). The e-ticket number consists of a 13-digit number and can be found under the Log-in from ABC Travel Service. The online check-in can be done on the website of the respective airline.

You will receive your boarding pass by e-mail. When checking in with your smartphone, you will receive a mobile boarding pass with a barcode that you have to pull over a scanner at the airport. If you experience problems with the mobile boarding pass, you can pick up your boarding pass at the check-in counter or print it out at the check-in machines.


Partial cancellation

Partial cancellations are for the most part not permitted and not possible because if one flight segment is used the following ones will automatically expire. There are only a few exceptions where a partial cancellation is possible. Only the airline can make these exceptions.

Partial refund

Depending on the booking classes and fare regulations of the airline, a partial refund can be made, but this is rarely possible. It should be noted that although the taxes and fees can be refunded, the already small amount will decrease even more through a service fee.

Passenger rights

Scheduled airlines have an obligation to transport their passengers. Should a flight be canceled, the airline is obligated to rebook the passenger to the next possible flight for free. If you have a long waiting period , you are entitled to food and if necessary a hotel room for the night. Please get all information about the EU passenger rights, so you know what you are entitled to in case of a cancellation. More here The reasons for the delay, cancellation or denied boarding plays a major role in assessing whether EU-passenger rights apply. For example, in case of force majeure, it does not apply and the passenger can only hope for the goodwill of the airline.

Premium Economy

see flight class




There is no uniform regulation for rebooking, because each airline has their own conditions and different fare rules. Fees may apply for the rebooking. For some rates it is not permitted to make any changes. If a change is possible, it has to take place before the original departure flight.

As soon as the first flight segment has expired, a rebooking is usually no longer possible.

Fare rules

Fare rules are the conditions of each rate and the booking class. These include conditions for rebooking, cancellation, validity, deadlines, applicability. The fare rules can be requested from the airline after booking or before at the travel agency. Depending on the booking class, these conditions vary in flexibility

Rail and Fly Tickets

Some airlines offer Rail & Fly in cooperation with Deutsche Bahn. The customer can travel from a german train station to the airport by train if he has booked a Rail & Fly fare. The train journey is already included in the price of the booking. Rail & Fly fare must be booked directly with the flight, the train journey cannot be added later. Please send us your request by e-mail internet@abctravel.de or use our hotline +49 621 72920

How it works

You can get your train ticket from a Deutsche Bahn Ticket machine by entering a pick up number. This pickup number will be generated at the time of booking and will only be valid once the ticket has been issued.


You departure airport is automatically the destination station of your train ticket. The departure train station is not fixed and can be chosen by the passenger. The route, and train type are also freely selectable. The only restrictions are that the train journey must not be interrupted (does not affect transfer connections) and the most direct connection to the airport must be used. A seat reservation is not included, but can be done independently. The train ticket is only valid on the day of departure (or one day before) and on the day of arrival of the return flight. Further information

Reservation system

Reservation systems (GDS, Global Distribution System) will search for flights in real time and make bookings. It is the direct distribution channel between airlines and travel agencies. Travel agents inquire about certain booking classes, availability, passenger and booking data and issue tickets.

Both airlines and travel agencies pay fees to the GDS companies. The largest reservation systems are Saber, Amadeus and Galileo.


Service fee

For arranging your trip, the travel agency will charge you a service fee. Since 2004 there no airline commission anymore, which makes it necessary to charge a fee for profit.

Schedule changes

The customer is obligated, to check for changes in your flight schedule made by the airline at least 72 hours before departure.

The flight plan can be checked on the website of the respective airline or under ‘My booking’ on our website.

In the event of a schedule change, you can request a free rebooking, within the airline’s rules.

Scheduled airlines


Scheduled airlines (not charter) have a fixed flight schedule for the whole year and are obligated to execute these flights. The amount of sold seats (tickets) is irrelevant to this obligation.

These airlines follow the guidelines of IATA which require a high standard of quality and service. For scheduled airlines, there is a more complex pricing structure than for low-cost carriers or charter flights, which means that comparatively cheap tickets can rarely be offered.


IATA's policies require that airlines to fulfill their transport obligation, rebook their customers in case of a cancellation, follow fixed schedules, make fewer changes in the flight schedule and minimize delays. These airlines must comply with baggage allowance and service and quality guidelines.


Unfortunately, the rate conditions and structures are difficult to understand. Scheduled flights are only cheap when booking far in advance.

Special requests

Special requests such as e.g. escort service for unaccompanied minors, excess luggage, special meals (for example vegetarian, kosher, baby food ...), wheelchair service etc. must be done at least 72 hours before departure. The confirmation by the airline usually takes about 24 hours. Special meals and wheelchair service is free of charge but other special service are chargeable. Please find all information about the cost of special services on the airline’s website. In case the airline makes changes to your flight plan, you have to request these services again or check if they are still noted in your booking.


If you have food related allergies or intolerances, most airlines offer special meals (vegetarian, kosher, gluten free, etc.) upon request. In most cases, the airline will comply with these requests, provided they have been registered early enough (at least 72 hours before departure). You can request a special meal through the airline's website

Seat reservation

You can make a seat reservation for your flight through the airline's website or request it through ABC Travel Service. Just send us an email. In addition to the selection of the row, you can also choose between aisle, middle or window seat, if they are still available.

Please note that some airlines may charge a seat reservation fee.

Traveling with pets

Even your dog needs a "flight ticket". Each airline has their rules and pricing for traveling with your dog. It is mostly depending on the size and weight of the dog and the traveling distance. Pets up to five kilos are allowed in the cabin. The pet carrier is subject to certain standards as it must be stowed under the seat of the person in front. As a rule of thumb: The pet carrier must not be larger than 48x40x20cm and not heavier than five kilos, should have sufficient breathing holes and be equipped with water.

Larger dogs that weigh over five kilos also have to travel in a travel box but will be separated from the owner and will be placed in the baggage compartment. The pet carrier must comply with the so-called IATA regulations, which means that it must be sturdy, waterproof and air permeable on all sides. The dog should be able to stand comfortably in the box, turn and lie down. Please always ensure sufficient air supply through breathing holes.

Most airlines allow only a limited number of pets per flight, so book your trip as early as possible. Not all airlines allow animals on board and there are different restrictions. Please ask us in advance, so we can help you and recommend the right airline. Please contact us via our hotline +49 621 72920 or by email internet@abctravel.de.

Entry into the USA

Please note that in the summer months between May 15th and September 15th, there is a pet embargo (The Airline Summer Heat Embargo). Restrictions generally apply at extreme temperatures and is a health precaution for he pet. Pets traveling in the cabin are not affected. Please inquire ahead whether the restrictions apply to your airline or your destination or whether exceptions may apply to you. Please consult the airline for their exact regulations for the transport of your pet.

Special rates

Special rates are fares negotiated by ticket sellers or travel agencies with airlines. In addition to the regular rates, we are proud to offer our special negotiated rates. Because of these special rates, it is possible that different sellers have different prices for the same flight. We offer special rates for different groups of customers: Ethnics (certain nationalities), young people (or pupils and students), Military, Companion Fares (discounted second passenger) Online Fares, General, and much more. Rate consulatation


Stopover means that the passenger has a layover of at least 24 hours on route of their final destination. A stopover must be explicitly requested by the customer and may cause additional cost through taxes and fees of the airline. A flight connection with a stay less than 24 hours is called transfer connection.

If you have a stopover, you have to pick up your baggage check it in again when the flight continues. This can also be the case with transfer connections, as it is forbidden to leave luggage at the airport unattended.


Traveling with an eTicket

When traveling with an e-ticket you will receive an email with the confirmation of the ticket number (ETIX) and your flight schedule from ABC Travel Service. You can print out and carry your itinerary with you but there is no need for a paper ticket. Please pick up your boarding pass 2.5 hours before departure at the airlines’ check-in counter. You will need your ID / passport for identification.

Our travel experts recommend an online check-in starting 24 hours before departure through either the airlines’ or ABC Travel Service’s website allowing you to drive to the airport carefree and enjoy your Check-In.

Errors in name:

The passenger name on the ticket has to exactly match the name on the passport. If this is not the case, it is possible that the airline will deny boarding. Should there be a typo or another error in your name, please let us know. The airline might agree to correct it for a fee.

Wrong gender

If you accidentally selected the wrong gender while booking, contact us immediately. We have to note it in your booking, so you will not experience any issues at the airport.

Can a ticket be transferred to another person?

The ticket is personal, not transferable and bound to a particular flight connection. It is not possible to transfer your ticket to somebody else. Please cancel your ticket if you are unable to use your flights.

Ticket number

A ticket number is assigned once and has 13 digits. Each ticket number is for a specific person and flight connection and therefore not transferable. For each reservation, only one ticket number per person will be assigned. The issuing airline can be identified by the first 3 digits of the ticket number.


Unaccompanied Minor / UMNR

UMNR stands for Unaccompanied Minor. This category includes children between 5-12 years who are not allowed to travel alone. In order for children to be able to fly without their parents, special assistace by the airline must be booked. The children are accompanied starting at the airport counter and even during a connecting flight. During the flight, the children sit in separate, reserved area and are especially looked after by the cabin crew.

At the parents' request children between the ages of 12-18 can be registered as Unaccompanied Minor.

The escort service must always be requested directly at the airline. In addition to the regular data, the name, address, contact information and degree of relationship must also be stated by the person taking the child to the airport and the person picking it up at the destination airport.

The collector must be able to present their ID. It is often not possible to book an escort service for minors on flights with discounted prices. The price of special assistance for children traveling alone may vary per fare and airline.




Youth and student rates

Youths (students) and students can benefit from discounted flight rates or improved conditions for ticket validity and ticket changes. These rates are available in travel agencies upon on request or online.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)